Branding and Website Design

1. Do you have an existing website already?

If so, why do you need a total revamp of your current website.

2. Do you already have design assets available for the project?

This can include layout wireframes, design mock-ups, or full PSD designs.

3. What are your ideal timescales for the project?

Estimated time you want me to deliver the project

4. Logo

For example: Custom Logo, Logo conversion

5. What kind of website will this be?

For example: personal, corporate, web2.0, clean, etc.

Your Target Audience

Please indicate whom your primary audience is expected to be – the kind of users who will most likely use your site on a regular basis.

Technical Features and Anticipated Scope

1. Content Feeds

a) How many pages of content do you expect the site to require?


b) You have content and images in digital format that need to be added as pages.


c) You need custom content created (copywriting services).


d) You need the ability to create, edit, classify, and manage your site's content (the text, images, menu structure) using a web-based interface (content management system - CMS).

2. Core Features

This section is reserved for primary features of the website. If your website has e-commerce, discuss products, shopping cart, product variants, checkout, payment options, etc.

3. Website Optimization - Optional

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) analysis, Search engine submission, XML sitemap creation and submission, Metatag keyword optimization, Link building, Google Analytics integration.

4. Additional Information

Contact Form, Site Search, Photo Gallery, Slideshow, Calendar, Blog, Google Map, Allow user, registration (CMS), Allow user comments (CMS), Add Facebook comments block, Special effects (JavaScript/jQuery), Basic web form, Basic web form (CMS), and Spam prevention.

5. Will you require different template layouts between pages, or will the layout remain largely the same throughout the site?

Some sites demand maximum flexibility with content placement, or perhaps different landing page layouts to the rest of the site.

Contact Details